Saturday, October 10, 2015

Memorial Exhibition in Honor of Roman Scott

Back in January 2015, when Roman was told that there was nothing more that the doctors could do for him, he decided that (if it was ok with me) he wanted to donate his body to science. This meant that I most likely wouldn't get his body/ashes back until after at least 2 years, 3 at the most. Roman also made it clear that he didn't wish to be buried or have a funeral. I then told him that I wanted to arrange a memorial exhibition in his honor after everything had settled down - he loved the idea!
Now things are coming together slowly but surely, and it is almost time for the exhibition.

I know that none of his American and other friends from abroad will have a chance to come to this exhibition, so I will try to document it by taking a lot of photos and post them here on his blog after the exhibition is over.

The exhibition will take place during the last two weekends of October, Oct.24,-25 and Oct.31-Nov.1.
The place for the exhibition is Atelier Verftet (Reimsgate 12, Porsgrunn), the locale of a painting community that Roman belonged to since their start in 2004.
The exhibition will be opened by Manfred Evertz, a painting colleague of Romans from another group where Roman was a member, Grenlandskunstnerne OKER.
The doors are open between 12N and 4pm.

Please stop by if you have a chance!!


  1. So glad you are going to document the event. Wish like hell I could be there to view it in person. What an incredible talent Roman was in life. Somehow if it is possible for him to carry on, I know he is at it with conviction. Marcus Reed

    1. Dear Marcus,
      I will certainly do my very best in trying to show the exhibition to several more people than the people who has a chance to come and see it in person. I know that Roman was liked and his art collected way outside the borders of little Norway, and since there are many people who won't have a chance to come, I feel obligated to share the experience somehow! I know Roman would have wanted me to!
      Heidi Angelika Scott