Sunday, October 25, 2015

Memorial Exhibition for Roman Scott

  October 24.-25. 2015

The first weekend of the memorial exhibition in Roman´s honor is over.
It has been non-stop work since Friday afternoon, until this evening, but it has really been worth it!! 
It ended up as a wonderful tribute to Roman and he would have been SO proud if he could have been there himself!! 

The exhibition was opened by Roman´s friend and fellow artist Manfred Evertz, who gave a really nice speech about Roman as an artist, and as a person. He talked a lot about Roman´s great knowledge and talent as an artist, and how he called himself an illustrator, in addition to being an artist. All the wonderful things he said about Roman, really warmed my heart!!



The exhibition had a great turn-out, and it looked like people were really enjoying themselves while studying and admiring the vast and very diverse collection of Roman´s art that I had chosen for this event. It covers almost all of Roman´s career as a painter, and I have included a folder with many of his etchings, as well as his latest passion; ceramic cups. 

There are also some art cards at the exhibition.

And I am of course also showing Roman´s last pride and joy, and what in my opinion, helped keep him going for as long as he did; his deck of Tarot Cards!!

More pictures from the opening:

Today has been a much calmer day, and I have had the chance to talk longer with people and really share what I know about Roman´s art and him as a person. That has been really nice.
I have also had the opportunity to take photos of many of the paintings up close.
Thanks to Elisabeth Jernslett for sharing her photos, and to Anette Abrahamsen for taking some for me with my camera!

Swedish Union Square

Thompson Street, 2006

Liquors, and Chameleon Mosaic Tile Comp. Inc

Collage, 1989 

Jay´s Corner

U-Haul, 2010

Fossil Land

Across the Tracks (Reno), 2000

Slate, 1999 (Ghost Sign Series)

Dutch Boy, 1999 (Ghost Sign Series)

&, 1999

Water Tower, 1994

Empire Building from the World Trade Center

Manhattan from the WTC
Manhattan Texture

Strand, 2013

Thank you to each and every one of you who came to honor Roman with me!!! I really appreciate it, and I know Roman would too!!!

Heidi Angelika Scott

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  1. Not sure how to purchase something of Roman's Art. Tried to order, not easy to do.