Monday, October 14, 2013

Kong Kup


Porcelain press-molded, multiple glazes 
10cm high, signed and dated 2013

Sculpted this during my stay at Ullevaal in Oslo this summer. The mold is a two piece, with ears cast separately and applied. Porcelain is a tough, inflexible clay to work, but it has nice properties when scrubbed during the glaze staining.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Rail Not Taken

Last spring during a visit to NY I overshot my stop on a subway train in Queens. Since it was only one stop I decided not to bother with taking another train in the opposite direction, but rather just exit the station and walk back to my destination above ground. Before I left the platform, accidentally arrived at, I glimpsed this interesting view of intersecting rails, glinting under lightbulbs receding into the distance of the large, Manhattan-bound tunnel.

Small mistakes, such as not getting off the train in time, give new opportunities if you remain open to them.