Sunday, October 25, 2015

Memorial Exhibition for Roman Scott

  October 24.-25. 2015

The first weekend of the memorial exhibition in Roman´s honor is over.
It has been non-stop work since Friday afternoon, until this evening, but it has really been worth it!! 
It ended up as a wonderful tribute to Roman and he would have been SO proud if he could have been there himself!! 

The exhibition was opened by Roman´s friend and fellow artist Manfred Evertz, who gave a really nice speech about Roman as an artist, and as a person. He talked a lot about Roman´s great knowledge and talent as an artist, and how he called himself an illustrator, in addition to being an artist. All the wonderful things he said about Roman, really warmed my heart!!



The exhibition had a great turn-out, and it looked like people were really enjoying themselves while studying and admiring the vast and very diverse collection of Roman´s art that I had chosen for this event. It covers almost all of Roman´s career as a painter, and I have included a folder with many of his etchings, as well as his latest passion; ceramic cups. 

There are also some art cards at the exhibition.

And I am of course also showing Roman´s last pride and joy, and what in my opinion, helped keep him going for as long as he did; his deck of Tarot Cards!!

More pictures from the opening:

Today has been a much calmer day, and I have had the chance to talk longer with people and really share what I know about Roman´s art and him as a person. That has been really nice.
I have also had the opportunity to take photos of many of the paintings up close.
Thanks to Elisabeth Jernslett for sharing her photos, and to Anette Abrahamsen for taking some for me with my camera!

Swedish Union Square

Thompson Street, 2006

Liquors, and Chameleon Mosaic Tile Comp. Inc

Collage, 1989 

Jay´s Corner

U-Haul, 2010

Fossil Land

Across the Tracks (Reno), 2000

Slate, 1999 (Ghost Sign Series)

Dutch Boy, 1999 (Ghost Sign Series)

&, 1999

Water Tower, 1994

Empire Building from the World Trade Center

Manhattan from the WTC
Manhattan Texture

Strand, 2013

Thank you to each and every one of you who came to honor Roman with me!!! I really appreciate it, and I know Roman would too!!!

Heidi Angelika Scott

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Memorial Exhibition in Honor of Roman Scott

Back in January 2015, when Roman was told that there was nothing more that the doctors could do for him, he decided that (if it was ok with me) he wanted to donate his body to science. This meant that I most likely wouldn't get his body/ashes back until after at least 2 years, 3 at the most. Roman also made it clear that he didn't wish to be buried or have a funeral. I then told him that I wanted to arrange a memorial exhibition in his honor after everything had settled down - he loved the idea!
Now things are coming together slowly but surely, and it is almost time for the exhibition.

I know that none of his American and other friends from abroad will have a chance to come to this exhibition, so I will try to document it by taking a lot of photos and post them here on his blog after the exhibition is over.

The exhibition will take place during the last two weekends of October, Oct.24,-25 and Oct.31-Nov.1.
The place for the exhibition is Atelier Verftet (Reimsgate 12, Porsgrunn), the locale of a painting community that Roman belonged to since their start in 2004.
The exhibition will be opened by Manfred Evertz, a painting colleague of Romans from another group where Roman was a member, Grenlandskunstnerne OKER.
The doors are open between 12N and 4pm.

Please stop by if you have a chance!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Roman Scott remembered....

Not very long after Roman was told that he didn't have much longer to live, he received an e-mail from a friend of his father who had started making a video for Roman from when he was a baby up until 2015. I only saw the first draft of this video, until today, when I found the finished video in Romans inbox. I absolutely love it! It made me smile, but more importantly, it made me cry, as it touched my heart in ways I didn't expect. It brought me right back to my wonderful life with him, and it made me miss him even more! Not a single hour goes by without me being reminded and thinking of him, and this is a beautiful tribute to the love of my life!! Always and forever!!!
Many thanks to Theresa McNally for making this!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Tarot Continues

I continue painting Tarot Cards, enjoying the comforts of my drawing studio at home, after my extended stay in the hospital in Skien. 
It is great to be home!!
(written in early February 2015)

Roman talks about his painting "Wrecks".

This video is a good example of several short videos that I taped with my phone of Roman during the last few months of his life. Both the quality and the lighting are crappy, but to me the important thing was what he said. I wanted a memory of his brilliant mind and his reasoning for doing and painting various things and motives.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In 2006, Roman moved back to New York to try and get his painting career back on track. He found it really hard to get buyers in Norway, in fact he called it a potato country:-), which I guess is not totally wrong. So, in January of 2006 he kissed me goodbye and off he went.
While in NYC he had a very productive year painting wise, but it proved harder than he initially thought to get back into the scheme of things. So after little less than a year, he returned to Norway.
While in New York, though, he was interviewed by Panman Productions and this video was the result.

                                                       Roman Scott, New York, 2006

Living and painting in New York City.

                                                                  ROMAN SCOTT

This is a video made in 1997, recently digitalised by Roman Scott's very good friend Todd Mecklem. In it Roman talks about his relationship with the city of New York, his inspirations and process of painting.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Death of a great artist!

This morning, after a 2 year fight with cancer, Roman Paul Scott finally had to give in to the dreaded disease. He fought long and hard and showed a rare will to live. After the initial surgery that successfully removed the original tumor, he was looking forward to living a long and happy life with his wife, Heidi. The happiness did, however, not last long. The doctors soon found out that the cancer had spread. He then underwent more surgeries only for the doctors to discover that the spreading was more extensive than initially thought. He also went through chemo thinking it would help. Three months after finishing the chemotherapy, he traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate Christmas with his father. It turned out to be an agonising Christmas vacation!
Soon after returning home after the Christmas vacation, he was admitted to the hospital only to be released after a few days. During the following weekend it became abundantly clear that he needed to be in the hospital.The doctors performed an ileostomi on the right side of the bowel in order to relieve the one he had that was blocked by the tumours . When they were performing the surgery they found that Romans intestines were completely blocked by metastases. Roman got the death message and was transferred into palliative care and sent home. Basically to die!
As soon as Roman was able to come home, the people around him noticed a immense change in him. It seemed like being able to return to his own environment, gave him a new found will to live. He thrived at home. There wasn't a day that he didn't walk up the stairs to the second story to sit up there and paint or draw. He did among other things finish a deck of Tarot Cards that he had started while he was in the hospital. He has documented these cards meticulously here on this blog.
When the weather got warmer, he started walking down through the basement and out on the deck behind the house to sit outside and work.
Around the 14th or 15th of May his pain had increased so much that he was in agony most of the time. He was constantly giving himself morphine from the pain-pump and in the end we all noticed that the morphine had no effect any longer. Once again he ended up in the hospital. After a few days in surgical gastro ward he was transferred to the palliative ward where they could operate in a spinal catheter.
After adjusting this pump it was clear that it only took care of some of the pain, namely the pain in his stomach while the added groin pain he had been experiencing the last several weeks, did not disappear when using the pump.
These last three weeks Roman has suffered tremendeous pain. It.. has been extremely hard to take care of him as he has been very sensitive to touch. The last few days he has experienced terrible pains and has lost more and more touch with reality as each day has progressed. Finally yesterday morning he wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her twice on the lips and slipped into an unresponsive state of mind. Getting more and more unresponsive he finally drew his last breath at 3.43 on Friday morning on the 12th of June. It was good to see him finally be able to let go!

Roman Scott decided in January that he wanted his body to be donated to science.

A memorial exhibition will be arranged come fall.

Roman Scott was highly loved, and will be deeply missed!!

Rest in Peace Mr. Roman Scott!!
Showing paintings at IST Asker

Painting a Wall Street commission.

Making an igloo! (back in 2009)

Home for the weekend! During the dreaded summer of 2013, spent doing radiation treatment in Oslo.

                                                     Summer vacation 2008, Ilwaco WA.
Painting in the basement.

Product of our Wyoming roadtrip back in 2010.

On the East Coast, 2010