Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cups in progress

Moon Cup

Height: 10cm

Craters upon craters. Think back to the asteroid that hit near Yucatan 65 million years ago. That whacked the climate out of shape for thousands of years after the initial days of the apocalypse, which saw temperatures rise to red hot, hotter than the glow within a pottery kiln. (Killed off the dinosaurs, giving us mammals a chance; little rodents lay in burrows, weathering the extreme oven on the surface.) This fateful crater cannot be seen today on Earth, but had it hit the moon it would still look fresh. Earth's atmosphere and geology erases traces of craters, but on the moon it seems the only thing that disturbs a given crater is another crater.


Height: 10cm This is inspired by the terraced walls in Peru, whose style of jointing and pointing has caused such wonder and speculation. Sacsahuaman's cyclopian blocks, weighing tons each, were carved so as to fit together perfectly, joints paper-thin. 

 Brain Cup

Height: 12cm

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